About Us

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Brainstorming Better Ways To Keep You Toned and Tight

In 2009, Geraldine Cyrus founded Buddy Baton, LLC to provide superior quality fitness tools that work to keep our clients healthy in the safest way possible. Our products have since been preferred by a growing number of customers based in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward counties in Florida.

Our Mission

To inspire interest in health and wellness through exercise without compromising personal safety.

Walking Is the Way To Go

High-intensity sports programs aren’t always sustainable nor are they the most effective in burning calories. With walking, even overweight individuals can experience actual results with a low-risk, universal activity that’s easy, fun, and versatile.

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Your New Fitness Buddy

Take your Buddy Baton on your next stroll and feel lasting effects on your health. Using our exercise bar while you walk strengthens and tones the arms and shoulders. It also makes your upper body more flexible and your waistline slimmer all while decreasing your stress levels.

Early Morning Jog?

Your Buddy Baton’s end-caps and logo act as reflectors for your safety. This way, you can navigate streets and walkways late at night or early in the morning without worrying about visibility.

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Always Outstanding Service

Apart from giving you the best-value products, we also provide honest, transparent, and reliable service. We commit to making sure every client has a pleasant experience with us, from getting product information to placing an order, and of course, getting the most out of their Buddy Batons.